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Airbnb for Weddings


Airbnb is becoming a popular alternative to hotels for many people who are vacationing out of town or visiting families, so much so that more people are using Airbnb as wedding guests, including wedding party members and brides/grooms.

You might want to consider using Airbnb for yourself on your wedding day, and for your out of town guests.

Since some Airbnbs offer entire houses, or apartments with multiple rooms, you can now rent out enough space for your wedding party. Guests can also rent out spaces with multiple rooms for larger families.

Many Airbnbs also offer the use of a kitchen, which can be great for out of town guests that are staying longer and may want to cook some meals.

For the most part, Airbnbs cost less money than hotels, and that is especially true in Toronto. The average cost of an Airbnb in Toronto is $89, according to, which is more than $55 cheaper than the average hotel cost. See the infographic below for more cities.

Some people are even booking wedding venues through Airbnb. With a venue and location for everyone, Airbnb has put together a list of locations that would make perfect wedding venues. You can check it out here:

We would like to remind you that Airbnb establishments are not hotels, and suggest you book only with the highest reviewed locations to avoid potential headaches down the road when arrive. Also remember to review the contract before you book!


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