Now You Can Really Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane!

Have you ever come across gift ideas that were great for your significant other, but come their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, anniversary, you’ve completely forgotten about it?

Well, look no further. We’re adding a new category into our blog titled “Gift Ideas”.  Starting today, whenever we see a product that’s unique and original, we’re going to blog about it. Our goal is to create a database of interesting products at your fingertips so you can always have the best gift ideas for your loved ones.

So to start off, here is a piece of wall art that literally takes you down memory lane!

The above pic was a gift to Jennifer Lopez. Bob and Don McLean and their team of artists at  can translate your memories into your own personalized street. These streets come in 3, 5, and 8 building streets and can accomodate as much as 38 moments and memories. Perfect as a birthday, anniversary, or a wedding gift.

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