Weddinspiration Board: Jeff Koons High art inspired wedding

We love little details in our daily life and we get inspired by them.  This Weddinspiration board is based on the sculptures of a balloon dog (1994-2000)by Jeff Koons , an American high artist who would use everyday objects, or some would say “kitsch” or banal objects, and turn them into momental masterpieces by using modern materials such as stainless steel.

Wedding design inspired by Jeff Koons


Credits (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

1. Polson Pier  2. Windhover Hall with Globus Chair  3. Mondocane (German Chrome Vase Set)  4. Chicago’sBotanic Garden
5. TJ Bridal Gallery  6. Calvin Klein Gray Suit  7. Jeff Koons   8. Socializr (Cosmo)
9. Ed Hardy Doheny Heel  10. Magdalene’s Chunky Jewel Tone Crystal Chandelier Earrings (Fantasy Jewelry Box)
9. Project Wedding (Empora Flora) –
11. Sino Treasure  12. Colour Block Aisle (WildFlowerLinens) 13. Block Flower Arrangement (by L’Olivier) 14. Metallic finished Cake
15. Main Course (Starwood Hotels)  16.  Canapes (Mealtime Marbella)  17. Dion Johnson Paintings



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