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We were interviewed by Global News twice last week.  One of the interview was about a recent photo shoot of a bride and her best male friends that went viral on social media and we were asked to comment on what are some of the unconventional wedding traditional twists we see in weddings today.  Here is the link to the article.


One of my favourite wedding day moments that was not mentioned in the interview was the bride and groom’s first look before the ceremony.  It is a superstition that is believed to be bad luck if the couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony.  It originates back in the days when marriages were arranged by parents.  The groom is not allowed to see the bride before the wedding to avoid him changing his mind and calling off the wedding if he finds her unattractive. Although some of our couples still follow this tradition, most couples are now open to the idea of having the “first look” as a moment to connect before the public ceremony on the wedding day.  It is a private and romantic moment filled with raw emotions and is often a great photo opportunity.


Photo captured by Spot Studio

As wedding planners, we always budget time for our clients for their first look if they are up for it.  It also frees up the wedding schedule for the couple to spend more time with their guests.  Are you considering in having a first look? Speak to one of our coordinators to see help plan your wedding day.


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Edible wedding favours have been popular for some time. There are many different edible wedding favour options, which can make it overwhelming to decide. Here are a few suggestions and tips we hope will help you choose your edible wedding favours.

Consider the time your guests will receive the favours, as that may help to decide what type of edible favour to give. If favours are waiting for guests at the table settings, they may eat them throughout the reception. Edible favours that can be enjoyed whenever guests eat them may be best.

Fudge is a good option for guests to snack on throughout the evening. Cutting the fudge into heart shapes makes this already sweet edible favour even sweeter.

Edible Wedding Favor - fudge+


Similarly, cookies and macaroons are a nice little treat guests can eat throughout the reception and into the evening.


Photo: Grace & Yulin’s wedding by Mango Studios

Edible Wedding Favors - macarons+



Edible Wedding Favors - chocolate+



Edible Wedding Favor - cake pops+


For something savoury, little bags of popcorn or nuts are easy to organize and fun to eat.


Edible Wedding Favor - popcorn+



Edible Wedding Favors - nuts+Photo:

A great way to narrow the search is to incorporate the theme. For example, a rustic country wedding theme could use little jars of honey. Edible favours that are jarred are easy to label and guests can take away the favour effortlessly.


Edible Wedding Favors - honey+Photo: Mandy Bairos


Edible Wedding Favors - Jar of Candy+



Mints and candies are a nice little treat that guests can both enjoy at the reception, and take with them for later.

Edible Wedding Favors - mint+



While most edible favours can be taken away for guests to enjoy later, some are catered specifically for takeaway treats. For example, a little mix of hot chocolate may be a great favour for a winter wedding.


Edible Wedding Favors - hot chocolate+Photo:



Destination Weddings becoming more popular. In fact, in 2015 an estimated 21% of couples chose to celebrate their marriage away from home.

Going away for your wedding means you need to be especially cautious when packing, as you may not be able to easily buy items at your destination wedding location.

Here’s a list of items that should be on every couple’s packing list for their destination wedding.

Medication and Toiletries

Starting with the basics, be sure to have allergy medication and pain killers on hand. A first aid kit is also helpful, but you may want to top it up with extra bandages of varying sizes, extra antiseptic cream and gauze dressings. Hopefully most of these items won’t be needed, but it’s always better to be prepared.

Pack extra sunscreen, bug spray and cream to relieve insect bites too. You may also want to consider bringing extra feminine care products for guests that may need them.  For exotic destinations, bring aloe vera just in case of sunburns.

Bring enough skin care products that can last you slightly longer than your trip.  It is important to take care of your skin and stick to your routine prior to your big day.  Sheet Masks are always handy and save you space in your luggage.  Keep your skin hydrated will keep your makeup last longer on your wedding day.

Destination Wedding - packing list+


Helpful Items

While the hotel or house you are staying at may have essential household items, they may not be available to you exactly when you need them. That’s why we suggest bringing along the following helpful items that can make your day easier:

  • Scissors – you always end up needing to cut strings or tags, so it’s always beneficial to have your own scissors with you.
  • Sewing Kit – be sure to include the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen shirts, or extra black and white thread.
  • Tape and Glue – sometimes décor or items you packed may break during the travel, so tape and glue are great assets for a quick fix

Destination Wedding Packing List+


Extras to consider, based on your décor and theme

  • Mini Chalkboard and chalk – this acts as a great replacement for signs that get damaged or go missing.
  • Silk Flowers and ribbons in your theme color – If you cannot get the flowers that you like at your wedding destination, consider a silk floral bouquet.   It is also a cost savings compare to real bouquets at times.  Bring a few additional silk blooms to use as props to decorate or to make extra boutonnieres for families/relatives.
  • Candles – you may wish to add more candles to your head table or to the guest sign in table, but either way plain white candles are always helpful to give a space a more romantic feel
  • Additional blank seating cards  – This is helpful to accommodate last minute changes/seating arrangements for your guests at the reception

Destination Wedding Packing List+

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Have fun packing!