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In November, we were invited by Azores Airlines to visit the beautiful island of São Miguel. Devoted To You spent a few days travelling around the island and taking in all of the natural beauty. Here’s a recap of our visit on the island!

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São Miguel is the biggest island of the Azores, which is an archipelago made up of nine islands. The Azores is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between North America and Europe, and is part of Portugal.

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Azores Trip Azores Airlines+

Azores Airlines Trip+

Due to its position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, São Miguel has an interesting climate that ultimately leaves it beautifully green all year. São Miguel is actually known as the green island, which becomes obvious as soon as you land and see nothing but healthy plant life covering the island. It is the perfect location for engagement photoshoot, elopement and honeymoon.  There are a lot to do and so much to experience on the island, from hiking, biking to water activities like sailing.

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Azores Destination Weddings+

I took the red eye direct from Toronto Pearson International, and it’s surprising how close the Azores really are. The flight was only 5.5 hours! There is a time zone change of 4 hours (depending on daylight savings time), so even though our flight left around 9pm Toronto time, we arrived around 7am local time. We were able to rest up a bit at the Azor Hotel before heading out to site see for the day.

The Azor hotel is new to the island. It opened about a year ago.

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Destination Weddings Azor Hotel Azores+

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Azor Hotel Destination Wedding+

We stayed at the Azor Hotel for the duration of our trip. It’s conveniently located close to restaurants and has a small casino for entertainment. It’s also close the Ponta Delgada airport and right at the Ponta Delgada Harbour. The views from the rooms were of the harbour.

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Destination Wedding Azor hotel+

We enjoyed breakfast there each morning, which was a buffet with fresh fruit, crepes, omelettes and local Azorean cheese and bread. We also had dinner there, and they had options for all taste buds (including vegetarians!) A favourite of our group was the lemon dessert – a must try while you’re there!

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Azor hotel food options+

After resting up, we had lunch at a local restaurant in Ponta Delgada. Azoreans eat a lot of fish, and have plenty of variety.

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After lunch, we went site seeing to different areas on the east side of the island. Ribeira Chã is a rocky beach that would make a great photo op.

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lagao ribeira cha+

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In the summer, there’s also a natural pool in the ocean, close to Vila Franca, that would make a great day trip. There are ferries that run all day to the swimming spot, and locals say the water is warm and calm, as it’s protected from the harsher waves.

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To end the site seeing portion of the day, we visited Terra Nostra in Furnas. Terra Nostra is a preserved park with natural hot spring fed pools and a villa. Terra Nostra would make a perfect photo shoot location, as the colours of the surroundings are stark but vast, and the gardens are great backdrops.

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Azores Destination Wedding Locations+

Terra Nostra Park is located in the town of Furnas, which is home to the hot springs. The hot springs are used for many things on the island, including energy and food. They also feed into the Furnas Spa, which we got to walk through next.

Azores Furnas Spa wedding location+

Azores Furnas Spa +

After site seeing for the day, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Ponta Delgada called Cais Da Sardinha. Cais Da Sardinha is built on the harbour and has views of the water front.

Azores Cais da Sardinhas+

Azores Cais da Sardinhas+

Azores Cais da Sardinhas+

All photos captured by Rhythm Photography

Stay tuned to our adventure part 2!


We recently had the pleasure of planning a proposal for Yvonne and Louis! Captured by Joee Wong and Derek Chan Films, beautifully designed and styled by Sara Baig Designs and Lettering by Love Lettering. Here’s a quick recap of the proposal we hope inspires you.

To start the day, we had a helicopter ride planned for the two of them, departing from Toronto and heading up to Eagle’s Nest Golf Club+

The set-up at Eagle’s Nest had to be perfect when they arrived, so the team worked to turn the space into a romantic backdrop for one of the most important moments for Yvonne and Louis.


When they arrived, it was important that every detail was taken care of so they had a seamless experience. Arranging a golf cart to transport them was appropriate for this venue and added ease to the logistics.


It helped that the weather was picture perfect, but this set-up was stunning in its own right.


Details, like having over 300 candles and beautifully crafted personalized signs made this set-up all the more stunning and special for the couple.



We also arranged for a live saxophone player to be on standby, which really added to the romantic event.


When the couple arrived, it was a breathtaking display.


At a beautifully set up stage, he asked and she said yes!


And what better way to celebrate than with a firework show? Timing was so critical when planning this proposal.  There are restrictions in flying helicopter after sunset and the landing time must be dark enough for the fireworks display.


Congratulations to the beautiful couple on your engagement!


This was definitely the proposal of every girls dream! From the helicopter ride, to the candle, flower and overall set-up of the knee popping question, this was a dream like day. Proposal planning takes a great team to execute, and we were lucky enough to work with some incredible talent on this project.

Let us know if you have a proposal coming up you need help with!


We are thrilled to see Grace & Yulin’s wedding featured on Style Me Pretty Canada,, Asia Wedding Network and Signature Weds  . This wedding was planned within 5 months time with lots of details and personal touches involved.  We designed a game for the guests to participate based on The Running Man.

Mango studios did an amazing job capturing the beautiful couple and all the details of the wedding.