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More and more couples are opting for non-traditional engagement rings. Diamond rings are stunning and are always a good option, but if you’re considering a different type of ring, here are a few options.

Green Garnet:

Cluster rings have been around for a while, but this cluster ring includes colourful gems that catch the eye.


Source: ($2,500.00)



Sapphires are deeply stunning stones that typically appears in a blue colour, but can also be yellow, purple, orange, and green.

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Source: ($4355.00)


Opals also come in many different colours and sizes, which make them a great option for personalized engagement rings.

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Source: ($1,150)


Often found in light blue, aquamarine is adds a delicate touch to an engagement ring.

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Source: ($3,930.00)


Tanzanite is a very rare stone (about 1000 times rarer than diamonds). They are typically a rich deep blue, but sometimes they can be found in purple shades.

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Source: ($2,345)





Named after J.P. Morgan, this stone has a beautiful rose colour.

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Source:  ($1,150.00)



Rubies are commonly known to be red, and they stand out on any ring. Having a ruby as a centre stone really makes a bold statement for an engagement ring.

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Source: ($649.00)



Dinosaur Bone:

For the truly unique and ancient rooted look, consider this dinosaur bone ring. It’s one of a kind, and will definitely be remembered.

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Source: ($9,980)

Lab-Created Diamonds:

Lab generated diamonds are also becoming more popular. They typically cost about 20% less than equivalent natural diamonds, making them a great budget saver. Scientists are able to great a wide variety of colours, including white, black, yellow and blue diamonds.

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Source: ($690-$2815)


One of the first major decisions you’ll need to make when planning your wedding is the venue. The venue often needs to be booked well in advance, and will leave a lasting impression on guests. Of course, this decision will vary based on the theme, size and traditions of the couple, so keep that in mind as you consider your venue options.

There are many different types of venues to choose from, so here we’ll walk you through the main types of venues and list some pros and cons to you decide what works best for you.

Banquet Hall

If you’ve attended a large wedding before, chances are you’ve been to a banquet hall. Banquet halls are known for their spacious rooms and are very common for large weddings.



Photo by Ground Glass Studio


  • Hold high number of guests
  • Staff is experienced at handling weddings
  • Photographers are typically familiar with the space, thus taking pictures is easier


  • Commonly used for weddings, may not feel unique
  • May be hidden restrictions on food, drinks and other vendors
  • Set space means less flexibility for unique decor options


Restaurant Reception

Restaurant venues are available all over the GTA and they usually offer a good mix of space and dependable food and staff. Here are some things to consider for a restaurant reception.



  • Food! You typically know exactly what you’re getting into food wise at a specific restaurant
  • Equipment (tables, chairs, linens etc.) are readily available, often without rental costs
  • Staff is experienced at serving and clearing tables


  • Limited flexibility in table seating charts and layout
  • Restricted use of external vendors, and/or additional hidden fees
  • Restricted decor options and limited time for setup


Outdoor Wedding

For a unique vibe and more casual feel, outdoor weddings are a great fit. Here are some things you’ll want to consider if an outdoor wedding is your preference:


Photo credit:


  • Surrounding landscapes provide a beautifully natural decor
  • Less common, therefore more unique
  • Customizable decor options with amble space


  • Weather! Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate, so rain plans are especially important
  • Temperature control is difficult in tents
  • One of the most costly option as everything from catering, staffing, heating/cooling system will need to be brought on site.

Hotel Wedding

Much like banquet halls, hotels often have large ballrooms to hold large, or even smaller, weddings. Consider these pros and cons if you’re leaning towards a hotel wedding:



Photo by: Curio Studio


  • Convenience! Hotels have built in accommodations for guests
  • Usually great service with experienced staff, both for meal service
  • Photographers are often used to the hotel halls, making photography easier


  • May not feel like a stand alone venue, in that other hotel features can distract guests
  • May be hidden restrictions on food, drinks and AV costs
  • Higher service charge
  • Set space means less flexibility for unique decor options

Every wedding requires a different type of venue space. Remember that the size of your wedding and your theme can help you narrow down options. We hope this list helps you decide what type of venue is best for your wedding.  Happy Wedding Planning!



Gung Hei Fat Choy!  Last week, Wendy Lee from Asian Fusion Weddings and I were invited to Focus Cantonese on Omni TV to speak about home decorating and styling tips for Chinese New Year.   The segment was based on a recent photoshoot we collaborated that was featured on Toronto Star yesterday.

We created two looks for the table top using traditional Chinese tableware.  As seen on set, the one on the left was a more traditional style with Mun Shou Longevity porcelain pattern that can be found at home for most Chinese families.  The look was elevated by adding a touch of elegance using a high quality table linen and creating layers using gold beaded chargers.  

On the right, we created a more muted modern look with the traditional Ching Tung blue and white porcelain tableware and vases coordinating with tones of pink flowers.  The blue and white porcelain pattern tableware could also be found in most Chinese homes and it is easy to recreate the look.  It is also a very popular pattern right now and this look can be reinterpreted for other celebrations such as bridal showers and baby showers.

Here are some behind the scene shots by Pepper and Light.  Shout out to Bridal Secretary for dolling me up and Secrets Floral Collection for providing the flowers on set.  Tableware by Event Rental Group and Plate Occasions.  Stay tuned for more photos of our photo shoot this week on our blog!



Behind the scene photo by Rebecca from Pepper and Light

家居過年擺設-Jan 26, 2017 (ON)


Posted by OMNI 都市聚焦 Focus Cantonese on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Here is a video of the segment in case you missed it.