The Cherry Blossoms Are Here!

April is an especially important month for most people. It signals the beginning of spring, and for those who are planning on getting married, it’s a great time to start calling your photographer to get shooting  on those engagement photos.

At High Park in Toronto, April is also the month when it welcomes the budding of its Cherry Blossoms, also known as “Sakura” in Japanese. Known for its pinkish white petals, Cherry Blossoms only bloom for about 1-2 weeks every year. Although not the optimal type of tree to plant in your backyard due to its limited appeal, once they bloom it’s an absolutely stunning spectacle. We’re happy to say that as of today the Cherry Blossoms at High Park are in full bloom.

If you have a chance this weekend and are free (don’t forget The Original Wedding Soiree on Sunday), why not a stroll in High Park? Remember to bring an umbrella though, I heard it’s going to be a wet weekend. Otherwise, early next week should still be okay for viewing. If you’re engaged and looking to take those engagement photos there, going on a weekday at least guarantees you won’t be fighting for a photo spot around every tree!

Here are some photos we took today (it was a  GREAT day!)


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